Shamelessly whoring to Swedes

I don't know where this sudden kink has come from (yeah, I do, AS!) but I'm really really into Swedish men atm. I've never really been into blond boys, I mean Liam was blond(ish) but that was... different. I was up at Anna's uni today and I was askin all her housemates if they had Swedish friends and to keep an eye out for any likely fella to slip my number to - how bad is that?! I don't even care about getting dicked about at this stage, which is a massive head-fuck because when have I ever not considered emotions?

Can't wait till the 20th, last exam. Freeeedom. Means I can scout properly. I've been single for 3 months, which isn't a long time, I know it's not. For the last 4 years I've had a boyfriend (different guys) from september-ish to new-year-ish so that seems to be some weird legit time scheme, and that 7/8/9 month gap being single has never really bothered me before because.. well, I'm happy dealing with my own stuff, y'know. I don't know why this time is so different. Maybe I miss sleeping next to someone. Not that that has anything to do with Swedish men.

Converstations between me and Anna and our plans to move to London post-MA (she's only in her first year and is likely to do an extra year abroad, so I'll have finsihed my MA, my GTP and either me looking for my first year of employment or be in my second year of employment before we think about it, so I might actually have the money to move out) are keeping me sane right now.

I'm really hoping that I can get my Bursary for my MA. There's only 15 bursaries offered (full tuition paid) which is very slim chances but y'know, that's 15 people who will get it, so why couldn't I be one of those 15? I mean, I've saved up since college and I'm about £900 short of my MA tuition fees, which is easily solved by picking up more hours over the summer and full-use of my Graduate (will have to change with Natwest after results etc) overdraft. But it would be so amazing if I didn't have to pay tuition, then my wages from BHS can go towards savings/books/travel rather than trying to pay off my overdraft. Not sure when they let you know. They've told me they've received my application for the bursary (I've already been accepted onto the MA, so that bit is irrelevant) and that they will be in touch. I don't know if that's a good thing or not :/ Will just have to keep my fingers crossed I guess :) xx
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2008? Let's be 'avin ya!

So, here we are, about to descend into the scary depths of 2008. Funny, how quick time goes. I generally see the passing of time in accordance to when I joined the TR forum, it being dated and everything. 2004. An eternity ago it feels, and why shouldn’t it? We’ve all moved on from being… naïve, barely-pubescent teenagers into… well… I’m 18 now, an adult, technically.

And I know I haven’t updated much in 2007 but I thought I’d take this opportunity to revise what 2007 has meant to me on here, being slightly more personal, expressive of feelings away from prying eyes of family members or significant others that have loomed onto both myspace… facebook… bebo. But, that’s okay; it’s always nice to have a little sanctuary.

I’ve got my diary here, started in…January 2007, which seems fairly apt, and at the end of whatever I rattle on about here, I’m going to type out some ‘memorable’ quotes from it, excluding names and specific references, of course.

So many people have said to me that 2007 has been a terrible year for them… pointless some have even described it as. I don’t know. I personally believe this year to have been… one of the best so far. And I think maybe that was partly to do with the releasing of the shackles of childhood. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I turned 18 this year and my height and weight and general appearance have always restricted me from all the 18+ events, which caused a lot of isolation towards the end of 2006 and even partly into 2007. But the actual ID to prove my age as an adult has boosted my confidence and, not ignoring it, my social life incredibly.

I’m going to have to head into my diary now and work my way from January and revise some of the events and their significances. Hold up.

My departure from Canterbury College has certainly improved my state of mind this year. Not to say that the college was terrible, those two years were amazing, but at the start of 2007 I was at college 4 days a week and working 3 days a week. Which, as you can imagine began to stress me out immensely after a while. And while we’re on the subject of education, I started university this year, and for if not that reason alone (and that isn’t the only reason btw) 2007 has certainly been a memorable year for me.

Ben & Jerry’s Festival was an amazing day, along with Electric Gardens festival and obviously my 18th birthday which fell the night before EG festival (Next year it falls on my birthday itself!). Both Equus trips were eventful, funny… brilliant. I’ve seen so many bands this year, some of whom weren’t all too good and some of whom were amazing. I’ve had a few heartbreaks this year, but I’ve dealt with much worse when it comes to being let down by men so it’s been nothing I cannot handle, though slightly harder to shake off. I’ve met some new friends, I’ve met some famous people who I might never meet again, I’ve met some regular people, wonderful people who I may never meet again. But, this said, I’ve lost friends this year; friends have moved away, friends have drifted apart, friends have wrenched themselves away from the level of affection due to their actions… my actions? Whatever.

It’s odd. I’ve been craving to write this entry for a long time. But now that it comes to it, I can’t think of things to write.
I guess I’ll begin to end my entry here then. As mentioned before, I’ll finish with various quotes from my diary but before that, I’d like to wish every one of you reading this, every one of you who cannot read this, every person whom has been a part of my 2007, whether for the good or the worse, thank you for an amazing year and here’s hoping that your 2007 has been better than you expected it to be.

And now, you lucky (and fair few) readers, here are some quotes. Enjoy.

“I hate the paranoia when you are ill for a bit and then have to re-emerge into the outside world with people, and shoes, and no dressing gowns…. and no Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter…”

“Also. Wtf is my sudden sexual attraction to Robert Webb?!”

“Anyway. Yeah. I did spend the entire set eye-fucking him…”

“So funny, a the start of the day we went to the theatre just to see where we needed to go from the station and as we stood outside Jaz says ‘what would you do if Dan Rad walked past?’ And guess what happened? Dan Rad walked past us!!!!!!!! It was t’riffic!”

“I mean, it’s hardly Keats but fuck me.”

“You watch, he’ll cal me in the sober light of day and I’ll be speechless.”

“I met Noel Fielding. We actually had a con-ver-sa-tion!”

“I also met Rich Fulcher, he’s a bit of a giggle.”

Feel free to ask me about any of the quotes should you care to know details or w/e, if not, don’t worry, it gave me a few fair giggles and smiles and, yes even a few breakdowns into tears, while reading back through my diary. There are some places where I’d want the world to swallow me up, some places where I’d want everything to just end. But, hey. That’s what life is, a rocky road full of highs and lows that you hope will eventually lead you to your own arcadia.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy, successful and fulfilling 2008.


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I know I haven't been on here a lot but... this is really the only place I have left that is away from family and friends.

I mean, not that my friends on here aren't friends, but I mean... if I want to 'open up' about stuff, then I don't want my closest friends or brothers reading all the personal details.

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Sorry, stealing this from JoRo.

Doubt anyone will do this though because I don't LJ enough so people don't bother seeing if I write anything.

Which is fair enough, because y'know, I don't *wink*


Leave a comment here and I'll:

1. Tell you why I friended you
2. Associate you with a song/movie
3. Tell a random fact about you
4. Tell a first memory about you
5. Associate you with an animal/fruit
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7. Post this in your own LJ!


EQUUS!! Fucking Fabulous!

Theatre-a-go-go this year! ^_^

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Frugga me with a pitchfork 0_0

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

I still haven't found the words to make things coherent. So I will post a review later/when I can calm down ^_^


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Recycle - The Possibilites Are Endless!

Don't expect me to type a completely new entry. Snagging from my Myspace blog >_<

The Bloggage:

How great was London yesterday? I mean, not only did I buy some lovely new underwear (Topshop and the Disney store! Did you know the Disney store did ladies underwear? I didn't!) and some Disney A4 notebooks for College (yeah, my tutors are gonna love me this year, they have pictures of Disney characters on the pages) but, we saw Alan Carr!

Alan-fucking-Carr! Of all people! With his pink shirt and his sleeping bag! Off to V according to Jaz's mum so there you go.

No news about the Astoria though, we've heard rumours about them knocking it down so Jaz went in and asked at the ticket desk there (and also to peek to see if they have any Automatic tickets left because the bugas have gone so quick) and she's like "I don't know, I only work here". What? Surely you must know if you are gonna lose your job or not!

Oh. And Olive Coffee. There must be a stray olive in the fridge from the other night. Or when they were in the rfidge they were next to my iced latte thing (which i was gonna drink on my birthday but didn't get round to it) and it tasted slightly of Olives. Not the most pleasant thing in the world but if i didn't breathe in when I was gonna take a sip then it couldn't taste it so, it's all good.

The Original Ending:

Right. I need a shower because mum's just sprung on me the fact that after lunch we're going for a walk and then to Cosgroves for a cup of tea (or some variation thereof) and my hair needs awashing.

The Edit:

That was obviously this morning. Hair is washed, dried straightened and I've been for a walk. I saw Stacie's baby! She was so adorable, with her little tongue poking out.

Cosgroves was closed by the time we'd finished walking, actually, which screwed things up but meh, was a good walk anyway and had some tea when we got home ^_^

Oh, lets go over my purchases, while I'm here:

The Underwear:

Red polka-dot Animal ones (from the muppets...)
Black and pink Tinkerbell ones
White lace (er.. voil stuff) with large aqua spots thong
Black, blue and white patterny ones
Satin red with white polka-dots ones

The Lush

Mask of Magnaminty (been meaning to buy some for a while but when I last when to Lush they only had the larger pot in and I'm too cheap for that)
Tea Tree Water Toner (lovely stuff!)

The Other Random Rubbish

A Small claret bear with the West Ham emblem on it's front. It was like £2.99 and so adorable looking I couldn't not buy it ^_^
A Little Mermaid A4 notebook
A Toy Story A4 notebook
A bag of pic'n'mix sweets from Covent Garden

and also This video on my phone from the day. I'm the girl in the turquoise jacket (you might hear Jaz say 'Go on Chelsea' - that's me btw.) who puts the money down. All the woman did was do that arm thing and wink at me. Ahh well. Worth every one of the 4p we put in her tin lol.

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Results Day

My Results:

English Litertaure and Language: B (Units: a,b,c)
Media Studies: B (Units: a,c,d)
Critical Thinking: C (Units: c,c)

Very happy with my results actually.

Also got paid today so I'm so much richer than I think I have ever been in the last five or so years lol.

So I expect we'll be off down the beach with a quick stop-off to an off licence or.. y'know, tescos lol.

Congrats to all you others who passed today :)

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Electric Gardens

Fucking Amazing.

Will post (very poor) videos when I can work out how.

Work describe anything, will make it sound worse than it actually was lol.

Fucking loved it.


The Boy Least Likely To
The Long Blondes
The Young Knives
The Fratellis
The Automatic

Some of Morning Runner.

Wandered off to go see Larrikin Love because no'one else wanted to but they canceled.

Saw a bit of Jamie T but then wanted to get back to the mainstage because The Charlatans were on soon after.

Best Bits:

* Getting mullered down the front of The Automatic because I'm short, skinny (easily bashed about) and had no shoes on ^_^

** That random guy getting into our car while we were in a traffic jam to get home

*** Many many more things which i can't be fussed to describe lol.


Jaz and Tasha managed to blag their way into VIP which was fabulous and they saw Peaches Geldoff (we knew she had to be here somewhere, because she's a Faversham girl, like us lol)

Ahhh, amazing day. Can't wait till next year ^_^

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Screwed Off

Alright, alright I'm being lazy and pasting from my myspace, but I am adding some other stuff because I'm annoyed by some people on my myspace who isn't gonna read it.

Not editing all my mistakes in this so please don't judge me on my poor grammer atm, i'm very annoyed/upset and typing correctly is the leats of my worries ^_^

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Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song titles that come up to answer each question.

(haha! I'm being honest with these answers, I know the first one looks doubtful, but it did come up as my first shuffle song!)

How does the world see me?
TR - Not Like Other Girls

Will I have a happy life?
DJ Ali Featuring Tim Fuller - You Don't Know

What do people really think of me?
Cinderlla Soundtrack - Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale (haha! Or, as us folk in Kent would put it, stop fucking singing you bitch!)

Do people secretly lust after me?
The Jam - Going Underground. (wait, that can either sound really pervy, or insulting... i'll go with pervy lol)

How can I make myself happy?
TR - Someone Else

What should I do with my life?
Linkin Park (my brother's music, not mine btw) - Faint (Ooer)

Will I ever have children?
Mara - Turning It On (I think That means yes)

What is some good advice for me?
The Specials - Ghost Town (err. Symbolism for ... umm...everyone growing up and leaving Faversham, but I souldn't ignore those I don't see anymore, because I don't go to school?)

What do I think my current theme song is?
No Doubt - It's My Life

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Lois Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

What song will play at my funeral?
White Stripes - Truth Doesn't Make A Noise

What type of men/women do you like?
Good Charlotte - The Young and The Hopeless (haha! Okay, so I clicked the shuffle button twice for this one)

What is my day going to be like?
Divine Inspiration - The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)

Why am I here?
Razorlight - Don't Go Back To Dalston

What will people remember me for?
The Prodigy - Girls (haha!)

What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?
TR - Liquid

Are there people outside waiting to take me away?
Jungle Book Soundtrack - Trust In Me (Haha, thanks)

What will this year be all about?
Scissor Sisters - Return To Oz

Okay, so you're meant to do the lyrics for these songs and answer the question like that.

But you all know I can't be fussed to do that

Feel free to decifer my life though my googling the lyrics at your own leisure ^_^


That bloke sooo looked like Pete!!!!


Cousin Got me signed DPT stuff under the name 'Chelsea-Bun'


Got 2 more job application forms


Saw Laura today


Bought some beautiful jewelerry for 75% of the price


Saw Dorothy Perkins/Burtons on fire last night


Currently skint again