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Electric Gardens 
7th-Aug-2006 11:52 am
Fucking Amazing.

Will post (very poor) videos when I can work out how.

Work describe anything, will make it sound worse than it actually was lol.

Fucking loved it.


The Boy Least Likely To
The Long Blondes
The Young Knives
The Fratellis
The Automatic

Some of Morning Runner.

Wandered off to go see Larrikin Love because no'one else wanted to but they canceled.

Saw a bit of Jamie T but then wanted to get back to the mainstage because The Charlatans were on soon after.

Best Bits:

* Getting mullered down the front of The Automatic because I'm short, skinny (easily bashed about) and had no shoes on ^_^

** That random guy getting into our car while we were in a traffic jam to get home

*** Many many more things which i can't be fussed to describe lol.


Jaz and Tasha managed to blag their way into VIP which was fabulous and they saw Peaches Geldoff (we knew she had to be here somewhere, because she's a Faversham girl, like us lol)

Ahhh, amazing day. Can't wait till next year ^_^

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