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Recycle - The Possibilites Are Endless!

Don't expect me to type a completely new entry. Snagging from my Myspace blog >_<

The Bloggage:

How great was London yesterday? I mean, not only did I buy some lovely new underwear (Topshop and the Disney store! Did you know the Disney store did ladies underwear? I didn't!) and some Disney A4 notebooks for College (yeah, my tutors are gonna love me this year, they have pictures of Disney characters on the pages) but, we saw Alan Carr!

Alan-fucking-Carr! Of all people! With his pink shirt and his sleeping bag! Off to V according to Jaz's mum so there you go.

No news about the Astoria though, we've heard rumours about them knocking it down so Jaz went in and asked at the ticket desk there (and also to peek to see if they have any Automatic tickets left because the bugas have gone so quick) and she's like "I don't know, I only work here". What? Surely you must know if you are gonna lose your job or not!

Oh. And Olive Coffee. There must be a stray olive in the fridge from the other night. Or when they were in the rfidge they were next to my iced latte thing (which i was gonna drink on my birthday but didn't get round to it) and it tasted slightly of Olives. Not the most pleasant thing in the world but if i didn't breathe in when I was gonna take a sip then it couldn't taste it so, it's all good.

The Original Ending:

Right. I need a shower because mum's just sprung on me the fact that after lunch we're going for a walk and then to Cosgroves for a cup of tea (or some variation thereof) and my hair needs awashing.

The Edit:

That was obviously this morning. Hair is washed, dried straightened and I've been for a walk. I saw Stacie's baby! She was so adorable, with her little tongue poking out.

Cosgroves was closed by the time we'd finished walking, actually, which screwed things up but meh, was a good walk anyway and had some tea when we got home ^_^

Oh, lets go over my purchases, while I'm here:

The Underwear:

Red polka-dot Animal ones (from the muppets...)
Black and pink Tinkerbell ones
White lace (er.. voil stuff) with large aqua spots thong
Black, blue and white patterny ones
Satin red with white polka-dots ones

The Lush

Mask of Magnaminty (been meaning to buy some for a while but when I last when to Lush they only had the larger pot in and I'm too cheap for that)
Tea Tree Water Toner (lovely stuff!)

The Other Random Rubbish

A Small claret bear with the West Ham emblem on it's front. It was like £2.99 and so adorable looking I couldn't not buy it ^_^
A Little Mermaid A4 notebook
A Toy Story A4 notebook
A bag of pic'n'mix sweets from Covent Garden

and also This video on my phone from the day. I'm the girl in the turquoise jacket (you might hear Jaz say 'Go on Chelsea' - that's me btw.) who puts the money down. All the woman did was do that arm thing and wink at me. Ahh well. Worth every one of the 4p we put in her tin lol.

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