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Shamelessly whoring to Swedes 
12th-May-2010 07:13 pm
I don't know where this sudden kink has come from (yeah, I do, AS!) but I'm really really into Swedish men atm. I've never really been into blond boys, I mean Liam was blond(ish) but that was... different. I was up at Anna's uni today and I was askin all her housemates if they had Swedish friends and to keep an eye out for any likely fella to slip my number to - how bad is that?! I don't even care about getting dicked about at this stage, which is a massive head-fuck because when have I ever not considered emotions?

Can't wait till the 20th, last exam. Freeeedom. Means I can scout properly. I've been single for 3 months, which isn't a long time, I know it's not. For the last 4 years I've had a boyfriend (different guys) from september-ish to new-year-ish so that seems to be some weird legit time scheme, and that 7/8/9 month gap being single has never really bothered me before because.. well, I'm happy dealing with my own stuff, y'know. I don't know why this time is so different. Maybe I miss sleeping next to someone. Not that that has anything to do with Swedish men.

Converstations between me and Anna and our plans to move to London post-MA (she's only in her first year and is likely to do an extra year abroad, so I'll have finsihed my MA, my GTP and either me looking for my first year of employment or be in my second year of employment before we think about it, so I might actually have the money to move out) are keeping me sane right now.

I'm really hoping that I can get my Bursary for my MA. There's only 15 bursaries offered (full tuition paid) which is very slim chances but y'know, that's 15 people who will get it, so why couldn't I be one of those 15? I mean, I've saved up since college and I'm about £900 short of my MA tuition fees, which is easily solved by picking up more hours over the summer and full-use of my Graduate (will have to change with Natwest after results etc) overdraft. But it would be so amazing if I didn't have to pay tuition, then my wages from BHS can go towards savings/books/travel rather than trying to pay off my overdraft. Not sure when they let you know. They've told me they've received my application for the bursary (I've already been accepted onto the MA, so that bit is irrelevant) and that they will be in touch. I don't know if that's a good thing or not :/ Will just have to keep my fingers crossed I guess :) xx
12th-May-2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
Ceri! Good to hear you're still...well...here!
Not all Swedes are blonde ;) I knew people at a Swedish school a while back. Size 12 feet and all (he told me to make me feel better about having bigger feet than the girls in the class xD) But really, most of them weren't blonde. Nice accent though.

Everyone I know wants to do an MA. Wow. I hope you get the bursary! I'm avoiding MA like the plague...art ones are terrifying. Feet made of piss. Enough said O_O;
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