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First Day back 
19th-Apr-2006 03:18 pm
Not really much to say but I thought i'd update because TRF is down so I can't so anything concerning that.

First day back today.

And I didn't get lost!

Not too sure about the new building.

I mean, it's alright, very pretty and furnished on the inside and that (although the toilets ahve no mirrors! In a girls' bathroom!!) but Hmm.

All my classes are on the same floor, and it's the same floor as the coffee cafe.

If only I could find soem toilets on that floor and I wouldn't have to move lol.


And my truquoise/blue-esque jacket came yesterday.

It's sort of.. denim-looking cloth, like my brown jacket only the material is more flexible.

It's lovely. And fitted.

And only £16.

Mum's buying me a black one as well because it fits so well and it's only £20 ^_^


Avon stuff still not here yet!

I don't even remember what I ordered!

Yes I do :P

Tinted red lip care
Steel Smoke Eyeliner and Eye Shadow
Blue Mascara
White Grape exfoiliant

The WGE was 70p and I thik one of the others is free, although don';t remember which.

Was tempted to buy their foundations but 1.) I don't really agree with covering yourself up.

In all senses of the word.

and 2.) It was expensive.

Oh gosh, I can't wait until summer!

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