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Because I've Been Crying...

I wanted to post an P/C interview, from you know, outside the T'n'T (although in the piccies where they were sitting I'm not sure it was immedietly outside the T'n'T building. Cos that would be street, and this was grass. But anyhow!)

But I can't find it anywhere and I really can't be fussed to type it up.

Check your BT books for the interview lol, I'm sure you have it.


Using the cameras tomorrow! Hmm. I know they'll break for me, I don't go well with technology lol. Ahh well, it'll be alright. I'll let someone else film first.

Annoyed with him atm. I won't say a name, although he won't read because I doubt has no clue what LJ is, but still.



English was good today actually. The two poems we did at the end of class were nice.

Well, not nice because they were WW1 poems, but you get what I mean. Felt proper geeky though cos I knew who Seigfried Sassoon *can't spell don't pick me up on it* was, and what enjambement *same rules apply* were.

I'll google Begbie and see if I can get the poems.

Also loving Suicide in The Trenches atm.

Well. Enjoying and appreciating. Loving is a little strong.

Fuck it, wikipedia is fucking me off. Don't know who Begbie is, fucking twat website.


Anyway. I have the poems upstairs. I'll probably edit it later.

And I'm on a fucking period (Ha! As if you could tell?!) so argh! etc

One lesson tomorrow, same as today. And then Thursday. Full day and Reminder: Write down the times/dates of the Uni talk things!

And then Fri I'm off.

It's a long week.

And it's only Tuesday.


Lost is on an hour later tonight! Which means staying up until gone 12 and then watching DH on Weds from 10-12.



I'm sure I have much more to talk about but, the football isn't interesting me anymore, the internet is fucking me off, and a certain someone is being a git.

Bad day?

Today was the definition of bad day.


Oh. And I entered the *name* compy last week.

And I was gonna enter with T but don't know if he entered.

Which will suck, because I don't want people to think I entered myself like.. properly. I only did it cos others i knew were. And if they didn't. well. It'll make me seem...


We'll see.

Anyway, I need a shower lol

Lets hope tomorrow goes better than last week. I don't want to go through that again. (P.s. Not explaining what happened last week, but yeah.

Oh. Oh. We just scored!

Perhaps I'll just have a shower after the game, eh?

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